Anal Bleaching Cream, Soaps & Serums

Quickly & Safely lightening the skin around your private areas with Erase labs skin lightening products! 

Don’t worry you’re not the only one looking for a product like this! It’s actually quite common that the skin surround the bum is darker than around the rest of the body.  ERASE anal bleaching cream will quickly lighten the skin around your bum and is safe to use around your other private areas.

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The beginning of a beautiful relationship, ERASE combines skin lightening Kojic Acid & Vitamin C & skin soothing properties aloe vera and witch hazel to bring you a leave on skin lightening cream. The benefits of the leave on cream is to speed up the skin lightening process by effecting the melanin production and not by bleaching the skin. ERASE is Everything you need to begin your new skin regime.

What is Anal Bleaching and Why Do People Do It?

For a lack of  medical terminology, “anal bleaching” is a treatment that lightens the dark pigmentation on the skin around the anus. This cosmetic procedure is done purely for cosmetic purposes and to lighten or “whiten”the color of the skin around the anus.

The procedure can be performed in a beauty salon, by a medical aesthetician or simply with topical creams soaps and serums that can be applied in the privacy of your own home.

Anal bleaching has been a trendy to do for men and woman for years! finding the right product though have been tough! 

Our anal bleaching treatments don’t even use bleach. We use Kojic acid in our products that have been proven (I can vouch for it) to work and can be found in many anal bleaching products. Using this anal whitening product, which is also used in both food and cosmetic products, is the most natural way to lighten the color of your skin.

The popularity in these home use topical creams, soaps and serums are largely due to the face that one can do it in the privacy of your own home and avoid expensive salons and Doctors.

Anal whitening and lightening treatments are often found in only a few salons and spas as most salons and spas dont like working in those areas. Some carry out laser procedures as well that come with a heavy price tag.  If you don’t have the money to spend for a trip to the salons, then home our home creams, soaps and Serums are your best bet to get the perfect skin tone around your booty. The results you get will vary depending on your skin color and the sensitivity of your skin.

Anal bleaching procedures have exploded in the past few years as both men and women are paying a lot more attention to their intimate areas.

Why is anal bleaching so Popular?

Blame it on the porn stars & celebrity’s! Were it not for them all doing anal bleaching procedures & flashing their booty all over, the odds are that this procedure would not have come to the limelight.

The anal bleaching procedure has since caused a surge in the number of men and women wanting to bleach their bums. When we asked them why most of our customers say its because it makes them look cleaner and more confident when they are naked with their partners while others use it to maintain even skin tone when wearing lingerie or bikinis on the beach.  Yes that’s true, not only do women use this for anal bleaching but also get their vaginas bleached

Wearing tight underwear or having poor skin care habits can increase the melanin production in the skin which leads to darker skin.  ERASE skin lightening creams, soaps & serums reverses this process and helps you achieve a light and move even skin tone around your private areas.

Skin lightening treatments for your private areas, such as the anus, vagina, penis and nipples, used to be exclusively available only from cosmetic doctors and specialty health salons and spas. The truth is that cosmetic treatments for your private areas have been a concern for people for decades. Now that people feel more open to talk about their intimate concerns it has since grown in popularity and more and more products are coming to market.

While not everyone is liberal enough to bare their bottom to professional at a salon (Some how I feel the same for the professionals), there are now ways they can do it in privacy and comfort of your own home. ERASE makes this possible! One word of cause tho, while we have done everything to combine a selective bunch of ingredients to avoid sensitivity and irritation we would causing you to follow the instructions carefully as you do not want to end up with a skin irritation in such a sensitive area. We understand that you want to see results as fast as possible but don’t risk your health in the process.