Pay at your local store or post office using the free SCode payment method.

Dont have internet banking or a credit or cheque card? You can now pay for your skin lightening products at any of these fine stores!

Step 1:

Once you are ready to checkout and pay you will be asked to fill in your address and contact details. Here you will need to select the first payment option Credit | Cheque | EFT | SCode  Credit | Cheque | EFT | SCode, accept the terms and conditions & click place order.

Step 2:

Once you click “place order” you will be redirected to the PayFast payment portal,  Once you’ve done this you will choose the SCode payment option.

Step 3:

Once you have selected SCode you will see a page that displays the outlets that you can go pay for your products, if you want to send the code to a different email OR to your cellphone for easy access you can do this in the field provided. Click ” I WILL MAKE PAYMENT” to get your barcode or SMS.

Step 4:

Depending on weather you got an SMS or email you can take that code to any of the outlets shown to make payment. Once we received notification we will ship your product off to you.